Thu. Jul 18th, 2024

Brazil Through European Eyes

Embrace the artistic heritage of Brazil.

The mission of Brazil Through European Eyes is to discover and uncover the richness and beauty, but also the complexity, of Brazil through its art, flora, fauna, people, culture, and society in which it lives. Dive into the history of Brazilian art with a concentration on masterpieces produced within centuries of the European explorers’ arrival. From detailed and realistic paintings by Albert Eckhout to lush landscapes of Frans Post, our site reveals the incredible creativity of such visionaries.

Beyond image simple use, we insert in-depth research and bring to the fore cultural and historical commentaries about each piece. Whether an art lover, history buff, or someone simply interested in the vivid past of Brazil, the thrill of exploring the rich artistic heritage of the nation is something our platform will give one.

Join us at Brazil Through European Eyes and dive right into the first wonders of the Brazilian legacy.